Ray DeLaPena

Global Strategist, IBM Design Thinking Leader at IBM iX
Newyork, U.S.A.

Ray is a Design Thinking Leader and Global Strategist at IBM Design, with a passion for understanding the core feelings, goals, and motivations of the people who interact with the things he designs. He’s a visual thinker, strategist, and sensemaker with a passion for helping people “get it.” Ray’s education and career have included studies in architecture and a degree in philosophy from Penn State University, two years as an environmental activist and community organizer for Greenpeace, and more than fifteen years In technology and design.
From his start in computer repair and networking, to designing custom software services and solutions, to his current focus on experience strategy and design, Ray’s driving motivation is facilitating authentic relationships and experiences — between himself and his clients and peers, and between his clients and their customers — via the interfaces, products, and services he designs.