1, 2, 3 & 4 November 2017
Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore

Who is UXINDIA ?

With a vision to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for a better living, UXINDIA / UMO was launched around the turn of this millennium when the mainstream design was in its nascency. Today it has emerged into one of the biggest design communities of India with a growing world wide network. UXINDIA at its core is a confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution, and the individual to ignite, inspire, and delight communities through design-driven social change.

A not-for profit venture, UXINDIA is built by, built for, and sustained by its growing community of designers, enthusiasts, influencers from business, education, and governance. Our goal is to continue to work towards growing our community by evangelizing design and there by lead evolution in industry, academia, and governance with design at the center.


Bapu Kaladhar

Founder & Chair
UXINDIA - UsabilityMatters.Org

As a part of this goal, we run various programs year over year to

  • Recognize, facilitate, and bench mark design in India

  • Take design education to the grass root level and shape great design talent in India

  • Offer great conferences/workshops/training to our community by bringing in specialist national and international speakers and latest, emerging UX trends

  • Encourage Women in Design in India

  • Bridge the gap between the academia and industry

  • Help govt. in innovative policy making and guide NGOs in driving social impact by design.

  • Supporting ‘Make In India’ by helping Startups and Startup eco system with design

UX INDIA remains as a not for profit platform and never becomes a Private Limited company.
Built on the principles of integrity, honesty, and drive UXINDIA is today synonymous with UX community in India. We never misuse the brand UXINDIA for conducting commercial activities. We always stand neutral and work with all related communities and organizations in realizing our goal of shaping India into a design centric nation.

Let's identify and isolate the imitators trying to take advantage of UXINDIA brand.
So many well wishers informed us that some duplicates i.e., imitators are misusing our brand and leveraging it to gain commercial mileage. As a community, we all should be aware of this and spread the word. This will go a long way in preserving our identity, and in helping us forge ahead with a resolute focus on our vision for a bigger cause.


About UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO)

UsabilityMatters.Org, UMO is a non-profit organization working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers for over a decade. It is a forum dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of design community in India.

UMO strives to provoke thinking among our peers, to extend the limits of the accepted boundaries for creating a better environment through UXIndia conference and its various


India’s biggest international conference on user experience design

UXINDIA is a confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution and the individual to ignite, inspire and delight communities through design-driven social change. It is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for better living by bringing the three essential pillars together. Educational institutions, industries and international alliances need to work together to drive innovation and business by design.

User experience design is an approach to the design of products and services with a strong focus on the experience and impact it creates for the people who use them. UXINDIA is organized by UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO) in association with various partners and sponsors every year to a great response and participation.


Theme: Transformation by

Theme - Transformation by Design

Breaking away from the information technology age, the new horizons have been hitting us fast and hard in succession. Be it mobility, cloud, IOT, augmented reality or even artificial intelligence, they have had, and will continue to have profound impact on all aspects of our lives and businesses.

Digital transformation is both an opportunity and a responsibility for design to lead the change. It requires strong design leadership and vision to define and execute on transformation strategy in businesses, academia, and governance. UXINDIA 2017 brings the focus on the three crucial aspects of digital transformation.

Experience Transformation
Design driven transformation of user and consumer experiences powered by emerging technologies i.e., mobility, cloud, IOT, wearables, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Business Transformation
Design driven transformation of user and consumer experiences powered by emerging technologies i.e., mobility, cloud, IOT, wearables, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Skill Transformation
Addressing the fast widening gap between demand and skills in the design industry. As designers we need to be proactive about quickly upgrading our skills to align with digital transformation and be relevant.

The Programs

UXINDIA 2017 brings you a rich mix of speaker talks, workshops, and panels sessions involving inspirational speakers and thought leaders involved in leading transformation by design. This year's conference is designed to bring more awareness about digital transformation and the role of design and how it can transform UX with emerging technologies, how it can transform businesses and the transformation in skills that need to happen to better prepare us for the future.

Design X Awards

Celebrating design in India

UXINDIA 2017 is proud to announce our prestigious, premier Design X Awards in our endeavor to celebrate and elevate design in India. In order to sustain the quality, and standards of what we create and produce as a community, we need to recognize and reward the best design work. Design X Awards will showcase and honor best design work from Design Agencies, Enterprises, Startups, and Students from academia at the conference

Design Quadrant India

Survey to benchmark design in India

Launching for the first time for the design community in India, India Design Quadrant is a comprehensive survey of design in India. This survey helps businesses and teams show case them as the best place to work. It helps designers position themselves right and take informed decisions in progressing their careers. Plus, it also helps recruiters and hiring managers position themselves rightly to attract the right talent.

UX Fair (UX Talent Fair + Design Agency Fair)

Best of talent and work

Building on the great success of UX Talent Fair over the past two years, UXINDIA 2017 completes the loop by bringing in top design agencies. Our audience will have great UX Fair experience where in hiring folks can connect with great talent and talent can connect with agencies.

Industry + Academia Fusion - Panel Discussion

Powering design education and practice

IA Fusion’s aim is to create an ecosystem, where opportunities from the industry meet talent from the institutes through a sustained dialog which will help in cross learning. This year focus will be on the much-needed transformation of design skills that will help academia align with the digital transformation in the industry.

Design Startup - Panel Discussion

Driving start-ups and new businesses by design

This hugely successful panel session brings experts from design, startup world, business, education, and governance together. The panel deliberates on how to nurture design thinking at all levels in order to enable new start-ups and businesses in solving solve new, relevant, and challenging problems of tomorrow and make 'Design in India' real.

UX Ladder - Un Conference

Elevating design careers

'UXLadder', a one of a kind un-conferences launched to a great response at last year’s conference. The intent is to learn from expert speakers and audience interested in sharing their insights to elevate design careers of our community. With a series of audience driven discussions, where experts/mentors from the industry answer audience questions this un-conference lights up the conference.

Emerging Technologies & UX - Panel Discussion

Envisioning rich experiences of tomorrow

Industry leaders and professionals will discuss and provide insights in preparing for the future. The panel session will discuss how emergent tech would shape tomorrow’s experiences and businesses. What does it mean for our design community in terms of opportunities, threats, and skills required to ready up for future?

UX in India - Panel Discussion

Readying up for tomorrow

Digital transformation is influencing UX industry amongst other things in a big way. This panel will focus on how UX in India is evolving and how could an aspirant, or an experienced UX/UI designer succeed in their careers. What kind of UX/UI skills transformation do they need to undergo in order to conquer challenges of tomorrow?

Women In Design

Celebrating success, and inspiration

With Women in Design UXIndia and its community has been drawing inspiration from the work of women designers, design leaders, the successful and the accomplished. This panel session features inspirational and successful women leading design from various streams like UX, design, architecture, art, social impact, business, and innovation.

The team UXINDIA 2017

Kaladhar Bapu

Strategy & Chair
New York.

Shyama Sunder

Co- Chair
Strategy & Content

Ranjeeth Tayi

Strategy & Panel Discussions




Design X Awards


India Design Quadrant

Sudhakar Pulagam

Web development


Conference Communication

Conference Digital Design


Digital Design

Kaladhar KVK

Digital Design


Digital Design

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Abhijot Kaur

Senior Designer,
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Deepika Kunapareddy

Student at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management,

On site Volunteers

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