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Launching ‘ Design Quadrant India ’

UXINDIA is proud to launch ‘ Design Quadrant ’, a measure of design with an intent to help the design industry benchmark everything about design profession and contribute to the growth of the design industry.

Design Quadrant’s goal is to help

  • Companies/business teams showcase themselves as the best place to work for designers and attract top talent.

  • Designers benchmark and position themselves for better career growth and compensation.

  • Recruiters assess their needs and target right design talent in the right way.

Why participate ?

That design is not a subjective matter anymore and so should be its valuation. The work we produce as designers is not as subjective as it used to be. Working closely with tech and business folks, we too have learned the traits of the trade in a hard way and now are more confident about discussing our work.

We all need to contribute to the survey to help:

  • Know your worth

  • Raise the game for designers in the enterprise

  • Inspire the inspired to move up the ladder for bigger influence.

Why participate ?

Survey Results will be presented on 4th Nov at UXINDIA2017 International Confernce at Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore.

Begin Survey

All information provided including your identity will be kept confidential. The survey will be anonymized when the results and data will be made pubic. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, unless we are required or authorized to do so by law or other regulation.