1, 2, 3 & 4 November 2017
Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore

Speak at UXIndia 2017

The Event

UXINDIA, a pioneer in driving the cause of good design for better living has been leading design transformation in India for over 13 years. From spreading knowledge, to raising design quotient, and then to leading digital transformation in India by design,

UXINDIA 2017 will bring design driven and successful individuals, influencers, business leaders, leaders from governance, and transformationalists to the conference. They will share their transformation by design stories showcasing the challenges and opportunities designers should leverage and lead the way in driving great consumer experiences and business success.


Extended to August 11th, 2017 at 11:59pm IST (Indian Standard Time): deadline for submitting the proposals for both talks and workshops.

August 15th, 2017: we will inform all talk and workshop applicants if they have been selected.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. Look forward to seeing you at the conference. [email protected]

Transformation by Design

Breaking away from the information technology age, the new horizons have been hitting us fast and hard in succession. Be it mobility, cloud, IOT, augmented reality or even artificial intelligence, they have had, and will continue to have profound impact on all aspects of our lives and businesses.

Digital transformation is both an opportunity and a responsibility for design to lead the change. It requires strong design leadership and vision to define and execute on transformation strategy in businesses, academia, and governance. UXINDIA 2017 brings the focus on the three crucial aspects of digital transformation.

Experience Transformation

Design driven transformation of user and consumer experiences powered by emerging technologies i.e., mobility, cloud, IOT, wearables, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Business Transformation

Design driven transformation of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully manage change and leverage opportunities offered by digital technologies.

Skill Transformation

Addressing the fast widening gap between demand and skills in the design industry. As designers we need to be proactive about quickly upgrading our skills to align with digital transformation and be relevant.

Call for Talks

Submit your transformation story to any of these tracks.

We are interested in your story showcasing the transformation design is having on your product/service, on the functional/ financial aspects of your business, or on the emotional aspects of your customers.

  • Get involved and stimulate the conversation, showcase your work at UXIndia 2017.

  • Inspire our audience; help businesses transform by rethinking their strategy.

  • Help UX/UI designers and developers learn how to design and build for the emerging technologies, and transform their skills.


We are inviting different types of talks to accommodate varied insights, learnings and research. From 18 minutes TED like talks to 30 minutes case studies. We will also have (3h) and long (6h) hands on workshops.

Our Audience

The conference is open to beginers, advanced and leadership levels. The majority of the audience is going to be combination of junior and senior designers, tech, product oweners, managers, executives, thought leaders, academia, startup founders, and beyond.
Just as our audience is incredibly diverse, we are looking for speaker candidates from all over the world and from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, or age.

Track 1 : Experience Transformation

Target - Designers, Developers, Product, and Engineering Leaders

UX - General Track

Continuing to create meaningful, holistic, and delightful experiences.

If you work for a product/hardware company the biggest challenge is to understand how people will interact with these objects — voice, gesture, location or display — and design the right interaction model around that behavior. Whereas, if you are in the business of designing experiences that run on those devices your job is to think through how the service will work on an increasingly vast ecosystem of channels and touchpoints.

If you’re a UX designer or a design thought leader please submit your case study or a project to inspire our audience with UX design, strategy, and mindset required to succeed in design at all levels - from a beginner to a design leader in today’s world.

Talk Submissions closed
Web and Mobile UI - General Track

Crafting and building state of the art experiences

A great UI gives form and life to the underlying UX designs. With constantly evolving front end technologies, product and service teams can now present UX design in its best form. Often creating delight with the micro interactions that are pretty much visualized and build in the UI layer. Enterprises and business are building and leveraging UI pattern libraries/frameworks to cater to the fast changing consumer expectations..

If you’re a UI designer, a hybrid designer, or a front end developer please submit your case study or a project to inspire our audience with the skills, tools, and more importantly the contagious passion required to craft delightful interfaces that scale and are faster to build.

Talk Submissions closed
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Alexa, how to design for better communication, automation, and trust with AI and ML?

Hey! If you were working in the enterprise or in the fast evolving consumer industry you would probably have some idea about it. The modern systems recommend or suggest, but rarely act autonomously. Semi-autonomous machine learning-driven predictive systems are now in consumer-facing domains from smart homes to self-driving vehicles.

Such systems aim to do everything from keeping plants healthy, and homes safe to “nudging” people to change their behavior and gain their trust in the process. Consumer-facing predictive systems paint a seductive picture: office lights that dim when it’s sunny and office workers don’t need them; just in time diaper delivery. The value proposition is of a better user experience.

If you’re a designer, developer, startup founder, or a tech geek working in AI and ML areas, please submit your case study or project from any domain.

Talk Submissions closed
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Track

The future in reality

2016 saw the launch of consumer devices with around 6.3 million VR headsets sold by companies including Facebook and Google. This established a firm presence for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technology in media, education, and marketing.

Today’s users are seeking high-speed interconnectivity, omnichannel experiences, and virtual reality adventures. They are seeking whole experiences that engage their undivided attention. We seem to be moving toward the experience side of UX and user expectation is only getting higher.

If you’re a designer, tech geek, startup founder or work in VR or AR, submit your case study or project from media, education, marketing or other sectors.

Talk Submissions closed

2. Business Transformation - Business Design Track

Target - Designers, Business Leaders, Product Managers, and Developers

Transform your org to compete in today's evolving world

Design thinking, agile development, human-centered design, lean — these are tools to get us there, but someone needs to think big, bigger than their slice of the organization. Someone who sees “experience breakage” across channels, touchpoints, and services. Someone who can get insights and data to understand the journey from both the consumer and internal perspectives, and map out an experience strategy.

If you are a team that uses qualitative and quantitative data to propose new improved solutions, processes that truly transform your organization to compete in today’s evolving world. If you’re a new age designer, design leader, startup founder working on driving digital transformation in your business, please submit your case study or a project.

Talk Submissions closed

3. Skills Transformation - Professional Growth - Track

Target - Designers, Developers, Product, and Engineering Leaders

Should designers design?

With the emerging technologies, and emerging plurality of interfaces, contexts, data, and devices, it’s time to get more specialized design professionals. And generalists as well. Less “UX Designers” and more “Artificial Intelligence Designers”, “Experiential Designers”, “Verbal Designers”. Whereas, Generalists will help tie specialists together, looking at the big picture. They could be a manager, but also a Design Ops, Strategist or the one responsible for the company’s Design System.

Which hat do you want to wear?

If you’re a new age designer, design leader, startup founder, or a tech geek wearing this new hat, please submit your story and insight based on projects that demonstrated new age skills and how to wear one of the new hats.

Talk Submissions closed


Extended to August 11th, 2017 at 11:59pm IST (Indian Standard Time): deadline for submitting the proposals for both talks and workshops.

August 15th, 2017: we will inform all talk and workshop applicants if they have been selected.

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. Look forward to seeing you at the conference. [email protected]