Bertrand Cochet

Consulting Director, WAX Interactive,

Bertrand Cochet

Bertrand is Consulting Director in charge of the experience strategy for the clients of a french digital agency based in Lyon. Through the fields of usability, academic research, neuroscience, industrial R&D, sociology.., he deploys strategies to exit our intellectual comfort zones and access to our emotional intelligence in a collaborative way. Because we are human and need to imagine and conceive our world together, not in a customer-centered approach but in an inspired-by-him/her. And the most efficient vision for that is the Experience Economy!

Before that, he was lead UX designer and head of the digital studio of WAX Interactive. He also gives courses at university and design schools in Lyon. In the same time, he is co-founder of the new Service Design Network Chapter in France and a member of the Experience Team working on the Interaction 18 Conference.

Reenchanting our world with the Experience Economy, beyond goods and services.

18 min TED like Talk | Categeory: Business Design | Target Audience: UX Designers, Lead UX, Managers, KOL, CEO... every person involved in digital projets, especially those who are interested in global ecosystems

We - as designer - are engaging our customers with brands by using traditional marketing, communication or UX-UI design tools. This way of working could lead to some limitations and even generate bad awareness, poor word-of-mouth and low Return On Investisment.
To avoid it, the Experience Economy relies on the metaphor of theater for each step of a service or product design. It helps us to act with our clients, partners, employees… by using tools and methods dedicated to the emotional intelligence but mainly by promoting a new vision of how to interact with human with respect, ethic and... efficiency!
By experiencing this economical paradigm on stage, we will distribute the roles and become real spokesponsors of the method. "Show must go on"... for a better world all together.

Three key takeaways

  • Concrete examples of economy gains for the companies.

  • An pragmatic view of the theater metaphor for us (designers, head-of-, marketers...)

  • Simple keys to promote the experience economy to colleagues, clients, employees...