Jennifer Cerazy

UX Designer, YouTube at Google,

Jennifer Cerazy

I'm a creative, problem-solver, and UX designer. As a designer, I'm focused on that space where experience design meets user research. I believe that a lot can be learned from a simple conversation and that good designs evolve from exploring target audiences.

At the moment I'm living and working in the Bay Area after completing my Master's dissertation in User Experience Design. I help companies achieve successful solutions via a creative process that stems from defining and framing a design problem, developing a deep understanding of users, engaging stakeholders, and leveraging best practice experience design paradigms.

Our new job as designers: teaching everyone to design

30 min Case study | Categeory: Business Design | Target Audience: Designers, ranging from novice to senior

Designers should advocate for user needs against competing priorities; they should inform and make decisions that affect product strategy; they should promote user- centric culture throughout their team. They should also teach their team "design."
It may sound controversial to equip your team with design skills, but every designer needs to. The end goal is not to transform everyone into a designer. It is to teach them to think like a designer while making decisions that will inevitably affect a product's design.
This talk will propose 5 techniques designers can use to teach their team how to design. When applied, the result should be a team who better partners with design, gives UX a seat at the table at the right time, and weighs user needs into their decision making criteria.

Three key takeaways

  • Teammates without the word "designer" in their title will make decisions that affect a product's design.

  • Five tools/techniques to teach design to (non-UX) product team members:
    a) creating a psychologically safe environment,
    b) sharing skills and source files,
    c) scheduling office hour consultations,
    d) share ownership of design tasks with actual impact,
    e) agree on a decision making framework

  • Which technique is best to use with what group of people.