Kevin Cannon

Principal Designer, Frog Design,

Kevin Cannon

Kevin is a Principal Designer at frog specializing in Interaction Design. He has designed medical devices, smart home products, and museum exhibitions and has cried in many usability tests along the way. His favourite Twitter feed is the @internetofshit account and his goal when designing products is to avoid being featured on it. To date, he has not been 100% successful in that goal. Ask nicely over a beer and he might even tell you why.

Smart Home for Your Mom

30 min Case study | Categeory: UX | Target Audience: Anyone interested in smart home technology.

Many connected products fail to live up to their potential. Kevin has spent the last few years designing products like connected coffee machines and smart lights.
In this talk, he’ll take an honest look at what he’s learned, when he’s failed and why smart home isn’t really fulfilling its potential.
He’ll explore why it’s unusually hard to design for and looks at what it’ll take to become mainstream.

Three key takeaways

  • Why smart home is failing now.

  • What it takes to really design for smart home.

  • What's the future of smart home.