Valerie Oon

Experience Design Consultant at Foolproof,

Valerie Oon

Valerie Oon: Experience Design Consultant at - Foolproof

Completed her graduation from National University of Singapore Field of Study communications and New Media.Have read modules in Philosophy (Epistemology, Religion), Sociology, Polit. After graduation she took an interesting career path including Design mobile app experience for enterprises, including IA, Wireframing, user testing, personas, with an interest in user behaviour. Conducted surveys, focus groups, interviews and social media research towards understanding consumers and categories, Sieved out insights to strategize brand positioning and/or campaign approach.

Led educational tours for Singapore Biennale 2008 - engaging students through art to analyze and critique our social condition.
Developed print advertisements, online and BTL meterial for clients including Regent Motors (Ford). Autofrance (peugeot), Citibank and NETS.

Mario Van der Meulen

Principal Designer at Foolproof,

Mario Van der Meulen

Mario believes that people ignore design that ignores people. He is a creative who’s able to see what others are saying. A versatile, ambidextrous designer who can think strategically and execute tactically. Formerly as creative director at Frog currently as a Principal Designer at Foolproof, he discovers, designs and delivers experience design principles. He gives a voice to the end-user, meaning to the solution, and value to the design thinking.

How to Become a Better Product Storyteller

3 hrs Workshop | Categeory: UX | Target Audience: UX and UI designers, product managers and team leads. Researchers, interaction designers, IA architect.

Client presentations, or feedback sessions with a working team, are essential for your design work. If you don’t sell it, it will never exist. Product and UX designer are people that need the ability to communicate through great stories, since they are responsible to traverse the users throughout the product journey. Therefore, storytelling is an important tool to have in your belt as a UX person, regardless of your role.

Three key takeaways

  • Learn what makes a good user story.

  • Understand 5 key elements that make an irresistible user story.

  • Shift your approach from explaining a feature, to instil an idea or vision into a product story.