Mark Oliver

Managing Director, Tigerspike,

Mark Oliver

Mark has more than 15 years leading digital product initiatives, experience design and technical delivery across broadcast, sport, media, retail, finance and healthcare.

He is a high impact organisational leader working across digital transformation, leading growth of high performing multi-functional technology and customer experience teams with an absolute focus on building strong cultural foundations.

Mark is a patent holder for board game technology and a passionate advocate of free innovation when considering organisational challenges.

Mark has travelled the world as a start-up entrepreneur and spent four years working with Universal Pictures and global entertainment formats establishing then growing an entirely new retail software category.

Mark is a passionate advocate of close collaboration and transparency in problem solving and encourages his teams to walk bravely into the unknowns. He leads with great energy and integrity, and welcomes life’s more challenging moments with an infectious positivity.

Redesigning, the Ship of Theseus way

18 min TED like Talk | Categeory: Business Design | Target Audience: This session is appropriate to everyone, including business managers, UX and UI designers, production and delivery. Anybody who wants to be inspired to think differently about the way we view our digital transformation initiatives and needs a new.

Hollywood is the unrivalled storytelling powerhouse. It has been entertaining and engaging audiences for decades. The science and mythic structure behind its storytelling frameworks is well documented.
But this narrative structure has extraordinary and compelling parallels with the experience of businesses engaging in digital transformation initiatives.
Here's how Hollywood's narrative structure and its archetypes can influence the way you view digital disruption.

Three key takeaways

  • Are there really new delivery and technology stories, or just the same ones revisited?

  • Effective digital leaders will read the plot and shape to an archetype appropriate to the desired experience.

  • Consider how organisational character archetypes function in your digital delivery story.