Prasadd Bartakke

Chief of Design and Research at YUJ Designs,

Prasadd Bartakke

As Chief of Experience Design, I anchor new business engagements, inform design strategies and build teams that help our customers – most of them fortune 500 ‘ create winning solutions to business challenges.

At work, his top operational priorities are design management, bringing structure, aligning strategies to goals, transforming talent through training and craft processes for culture of directed growth.

Change your paradigm - grow your career!

3 hrs Workshop | Categeory: Professional Growth | Target Audience: Experienced and entry level UX designers and researchers.

Businesses are awakened to the fact that design is the key differentiator. But do we have enough designers who debate, deliberate and direct design for business impact? Designers can no longer stay in the realm of creating wireframes but need to be drivers of change and demonstrate business leadership.
In this workshop lets learn if we are ready, if the current knowledge is enough and what mindset change would make us the design chiefs of tomorrow.

Three key takeaways

  • Learn how to design for products and businesses.

  • Learn specific activities that design leaders do before they design.

  • Concept design is not easy - wireframing is.