Ranjeet Tayi

Lead & Staff User Experience Designer, Informatica,

Ranjeet Tayi

Ranjeet Tayi is product designer & Ux strategist with 15 years experience crafting world class Ux for enterprise - cloud software products with human centric approach. Most products he designed ranked top in category by industry analysts and currently leading Ux team for Informatica Data Security Products. He started his career as design entrepreneur, co-founded Mind Visions and later worked with SumTotal, Cognizant & Pure IT Usability Research. His commitment to drive social impact has led him contribute to several nonprofit boards. Co-founded Ignite Hyderabad and core team member / co-curator for UX India & UsabilityMatters.Org, a platform to build-sustain the implementation of design thinking for better living. Loves mentoring startups and spread design happiness by evangelizing design. Graduated in Design Management from Grow, USA and also holds research master's degree (M.Phil) in Mass Communication, master’s degree (M.A) in Advertising and advanced diploma in Multimedia.

The UX of Data Security Intelligence

30min Talk | Categeory: ML & AI | Target Audience:

Data is the new currency and every one want to steal it. Next generation data security challenges require next generation solutions with great user experience. Seemingly every day, a new onslaught of fresh challenges to data security arise. This is, in part, because of the increasing proliferation of sensitive data in cloud and mobile environments, data lakes and other big data repositories. “Despite all the time, effort and billions, maybe trillions, of dollars spent, security is not working.
Security breaches are still on the rise because most organizations are having issues with detecting and protecting their sensitive data. Uniquely unified, data-centric security that empowers organizations to quickly and accurately assess where they need to focus investments and resources to reduce the escalating risk of data breaches and misuse.
User experience (UX) design plays a critical role in empowering people to protect their privacy by controlling their data. A human-centered design approach to security can bring together what’s desirable to people, possible with technology like ML / AI, and viable in a business and regulatory context.

Three key takeaways

  • Understand the data security challenges for designing products with new market category where no users exists.

  • How ML / AI technologies help to create better UX to help user in analyzing, recommending, alerting and protecting the data risks.

  • How Ux team can lead innovation projects which can get productive and create great value to customers.

  • How to start small and enhance the product UX strategically over time with greater value and building trust.