Saurabh Bhidey

Lead UX Designer at CogBooks,

Saurabh Bhide

After graduating from the National Institute of Design, I have taken up various roles in UX teams across industries. I currently lead the design team of an adaptive learning company called CogBooks, where I am responsible for designing products that aim to revolutionize the future of online learning.

Humanizing Artificial Intelligence in Digital Products.

30 min Case study | Categeory: ML & AI | Target Audience: Product Managers and UX Designers building digital products that include AI/ML algorithms.

Intelligent algorithms are getting better and better at recognizing patterns and making predictions about users. However, this intelligence can seem obtrusive, intimidating or even creepy when introduced to users without the right UX. Intelligence in itself is not something most people like, as we know from our encounters with intelligent people who just are aren’t likeable. However, when intelligence is combined with empathy and a suitable personality, it can be a pleasure to work with. How do we ensure that the intelligence in our products is experienced positively? At CogBooks, we were faced with this question when designing our adaptive learning platform. Based on research, we used the approach of modeling a ‘design persona’ of our product as well as the intelligence and shaping every aspect of the user’s experience based on it. Using this approach, we found a way to deliver the value of our algorithm through an experience that users found friendly and meaningful. In this session, I’ll talk about our experience and how you can use this approach to integrate AI/ML algorithms in your products in a way that the users find meaningful.

Three key takeaways

  • The importance of thinking about how users will experience the intelligence in our products.

  • How to use design personas to deliberately design this perception and experience.

  • How this approach affects the interaction design, voice and tone as well as visual design of the product.