Shyam Narayan

Founder at Dig design studio,

Shyam Narayan

Shyam is the founder partner of Bangalore-based Dig Design Studio, a multidisciplinary studio working on interaction and communication design solutions. Shyam is passionate about design for the Indian context and social impact, design mentoring & education and User Interfaces for tomorrow. He is trained in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design and makes music with his bandmates across the world over Skype for the band Pseutopia.

Accelerated innovation

18 min TED like Talk | Categeory: Business Design | Target Audience: Across the board. The juniors get excited with the format and seniors love the challenge of tackling a new domain every month.

Our experiences and methods in speeding up innovation, meaningfully. We have executed the 'design springboard' in 20+ companies from enterprise to startups to help imagine or reimagine their products.

Three key takeaways Challenges and roi of design led approaches. Methods to infuse a design led culture.