Smita Mohith K

UX Manager at Harbinger Systems,

Smita Mohith K

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur, evangelist & strategist. I'm expert in UX design, business communications, operational management and process design. I have over 12 yrs. of experience building consumer and enterprise products for fortune 500s and startups. I have been in many roles, wore many hats - as a, mentor & faculty, entrepreneur, researcher, designer, manager and strategist. I have a unique ability to steer multi-disciplinary projects and tackle complex challenges.
Specialities: Interaction Design, Usability Engineering, User Research, Team building and collaboration. Manager User Experience at Harbinger Systems June 2016 - Present
I'm passionate about UX design and giving attention and love to details is what really matters to me. I foster a spirit of teamwork and unity among members to appreciate the diversity and work effectively together to enable each employee and the department to succeed.
I'm the champion for the customer. I hear about their needs and tailor the business offerings to fit the customer’s situation, one by one. I define what a good experience is and lead teams together to create a compelling vision for our customers. I coach, mentor and plan career opportunities.

Shrikant Pattathil

Presiden at Harbinger Systems,

Shrikant Pattathil

His solutions have ranged from development frameworks, data architectures, schema designs to test strategies for applications for thin-client, rich-client and desktop.
Teams at Harbinger have implemented these solutions using technologies such as .Net, Java and Flash. To customers and to his team, Shrikant has been a source of up-to-date knowledge of shifting technology paradigms such as Web 2.0 and SaaS.
In the course of his tenure, Shrikant has held key positions including Project Leader, On-Site Coordinator and Lead Manager R&D. He has worked out of Harbinger’s offices in Redmond, WA for two years and has also completed several on-site customer consultations across the US. Customers value his ingenuity and innovation in designing sound technical approaches to business problems.
Shrikant’s contribution in e-learning specifications has been recognized by the Aviation Industry CBT Committee, where he is a frequent speaker. He has also architected the Offline Content Player, a unique product that enables e-learning for users that need to cope with limited connectivity. Organizations such as Northwest Airlines and Bristol Myers Squibb are using this solution to enable offline learning.

Chatbot - Building for Humans.

30 min Case study | Categeory: UX | Target Audience: UX Designers, Product Owners/Managers, Solution Architects, Developers, Business Development.

Co Speaker: Shrikant Pattathil, President, Harbinger Systems, Inc.
Chatbots have now become a part of the next wave for Digital Transformation. More and more companies invest in building conversational artificial intelligence platforms to boost their customer services. As companies continue to expand their chatbot investments, there is a constant need to build a better, smarter user experience for the users. Creating an engaging user experience involves a deeper understanding of specifically modeled user-centric design approach and the technology considered for development. This talk will illustrate it with examples of Chatbot designed for HRM domain as case studies to help participants understand an effective way of building Chatbots for Humans.

Three key takeaways

  • Introduction to Chatbots.

  • UX Process to design a Chatbot.

  • Real world examples to understand its implementation.