Swapnil Dambe

Dicrector Consulting Services & Group Head-Digital Experience Design at CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants India Pvt Ltd.,

Swapnil Dambe

Entrepreneurial Design Business Leader, Digital Customer Experience Management Strategist recognized for innovating, incubating and driving new Consumer-Enterprise- Digital Experience initiatives and Design Studio Teams with over 20+ years of strong industry experience. Successfully impacted top-line & bottom-line, P & L Management, delivering productivity improvement through efficiency, automation, quality initiatives and pyramid optimization. Helps Clients, Partners and Design teams crafting innovative design approaches, profitable business growth strategies through modernized, design thinking go-to-market perspective, using customer & conversion centered digital experiences to bring new ventures successfully to the market. Successfully developed & consulted Digital Experience Strategies for fortune 500 clients and directed numerous Digital Experience channel transformation programs. Extensive Business Consulting, Strategy, Service Design & Sales skills with strong ability to build self-sustainable Service Design,CX UX Practices globally.Extensive applied experience defining tactical approach towards strategizing consumer (digital) channel experience strategy, road-map & productive designs thinking solutions with a clear focus on meeting underlying business objectives while enhancing intended customers experience matrices.

“Experience” as Business Notion & Strategy– Economic Value Progression

18 min TED like Talk | Categeory: Business Design | Target Audience: Business Executives, Customer Experience Professionals.

In the digital service transformational experience world, the design notions, rapidly moved from designing products or systems to providing material satisfaction to psychic gratification; and thus, gearing up a new economy worldwide. This has created uplifted business views on the “Experience” Concept and has introduced “Experiences” as a source of economic value. The progression of economic value takes place from commodities to goods, then goods to better usage & service experiences of products & services. The adopters of these notions must have realized the true dimensions of “Internet of People (IoP) & Experience of Everything” i.e. strategizing engage-able & trust-able human(customer experiences with products, service & ecosystems. “Experience” as business strategy ”Experience” as business idea – through Strategic (Customer) Experience Design & Management, is about creating value not just by designing good looking products and services, but by delivering solutions that directly produce results & credibility”.

Three key takeaways

  • Understand the progression of "Experience Economy".

  • Value of Strategic Experience Design.

  • Value of business model canvassing in the context of (Customer) Experience Design.